The Count Easy
FEATURE What it means to you?
Count loose bills Count 100 loose bills in 6 seconds
Count loose coins Count loose coins instantly (flexicup supplied)
Check strapped bills Check straps of bills to save recounting
Count rolled coins Count and stack rolls of coins in any order
Automatic count sequence Designed to count register drawers and to make up deposits
Auto add, auto scroll All cash in a register tray is counted in less than a minute
Live running total on display Simplifies making up starting banks and removing deposits
Displays all totals Easy to view, display and delete totals and denomination subtotals
Rechargeable batteries 12 hours use from battery, batteries included
Ounces Mode Displays weight in ounces (2 decimal places), useful for mail
Future proofed Ready to accept duplicate bills
Optional printer Gives detailed report of all counts
Link to computer Yes, protocols can be supplied to your IT provider
Small size, portable Base 6.1/4” (w) x 8.1/2” (d).  Height of bill holder 6.1/2”
Lightweight unit Machine weighs under 2lb, easy to carry around
Use with till cups Compatible with all makes of till cups for register trays
Maximum weight load Will weigh up to 35 oz